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  • PHOTO SHOWS PINK VERSION BUT THE EXACT SAME IS AVAILABLE IN OUR BLUE FABRIC. skirt waist band is tied at the sides as a fastening. pink sequin trim seperates the waist band from the skirt, this also shapes the way for the 3 sequin, beaded, feather jellyfish embelishments. (on the blue version the sequins and jelly fish will be blue.) top half of skirt is bright pink into a V (on blue version this will be bright blue.) then a sequin trim outlines this shape. bottom half is a baby pink (on blue version will be baby blue.) skirt is ruched on both sides and has a bright pink strap ruching it for contrast. (will be bright blue on blue version.)


    PLEASE ALLOW UPTO 4 WEEKS FOR DELIVERY. once you place your order the embelishments needed to make your order will be ordered, this takes upto 3 weeks to arrive from over seas, once they arrive your order will be made and dispatched but please order this set as early as you can incase there is any delays recieving the embelishments from over seas as sometimes they can get stuck in customs, for more information please dont hesitate to contact us 

  • With a great outfit comes great responsibility! 

    • Hand wash with care.
    • Do not iron.
    • Do not tumble dry.
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