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Here you will find everything you want to know but probably don't know...

Tired of the same old basics? We hear ya - SO ARE WE. That's why we have created "THATSOYOU" where you’ll find a huge selection of items that are that lil bit different perfect for all your raves, festivals and holidays. 

The brand name actually come from a situation where the founder attended graduate fashion week 2018 where she was told "you can tell that's your collection, it's sooo you!" With that we only design clothes that we truly LOVE and would wear ourselves staying true to the brand name - but we also give you options to customise and alter our designs to make them so YOU as well.

All items are made in Birmingham, England.  Our store policies are to be as fair, generous AND as EXTRA AF. We believe you should be as beautiful on the outside as the inside hence our beaut outfits and we follow that right through to the branded packaging  but what's inside the parcel is EVEN better

So what are you waiting for? Order your parcel today and never look back.

Love From The THATSOYOU Team xxx

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