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  • this listing is for the full outfit. 1 x adjustable bra, 1 x ruched cut out side dress.

    bra cups can move around and be worn more ruched or stretched out for more coverage which ever you prefer.

    dress does not have a front or back so you can pick which side you wear the ruching on, left or right. the opposite side on the top half also has tie straps which can be tied as tight/loose to preference making this a really adjustable fit as the length of the skirt can also be made shorter / longer by ruching it up.

    available in 

    metallic pink - RUSTIC ROSE

    metallic silver - FUTURISTIC FLING

    black wetl ook pvc - PROWLING PATENT

    select colour when ordering size

  • With a great outfit comes great responsibility! 

    • Hand wash with care.
    • Do not iron.
    • Do not tumble dry.
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