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  • a reversible bra top, one pattern one side and another pattern on the other side, this top can be worn both ways so is 2 tops in 1, select what pattern you want  on each side when selecting size. this listing is for 4 cups which can clip and unclip of the lilac o-rings to create 2 different tops that can be worn 2 ways so this creates a minimum of 4 tops! potentially more if you like half and half styles. you will get a pair of lilac pvc neck straps and a pair of your fabric choices neck strap as you can change these straps because the o-ring opens this helps acheive 2 different looks!  the straps that go around the torso will be lilac pvc so it goes with ALL fabrics 

  • With a great outfit comes great responsibility! 

    • Hand wash with care.
    • Do not iron.
    • Do not tumble dry.
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