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Life in plastic is truly FANTASTIC x

Updated: Nov 12, 2018

Yassss thats right gal your life will be a whole lot better with our PVC lines in it. Take some Inso from Chanal from M.O as she was spotted lookin' fierce AF at Kiss FM's Haunted House Party, Wembley Stadium, wearing our "That's so.. perfectly plastic PVC bra top" with neon green binding - which matched her hair so damn gdddd👀💚

Other girls have been caught slaying there way through the weekends in our PVC items wearing them to events like Fear fest,Terminal V, Warehouse Project, Victoria Warehouse, Digital, Underground Groove and many more. Get rave ready and wear our PVC to your next event gal, each piece comes with guaranteed compliments - PVC lines include - bra's, hot pant knickers and skirts.

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