• FLARED trouser legs with a suspender style attachment - you can select fabric colour when ordering size so you can have an all black look - all white look or the half and half style! - if you pick the half and half style don't worry about picking the leg colour correctly we will send it so it is opposite to the knicker half and half likethe photo!!!

    best worn with one of our matching bras and threading the binding of the top through the loop attached to the suspender flares to hold them up - if these bottoms arent purchased with a matching top a piece of binding (bikini strap fabric) will be sent with them this will be long enough to wrap and tie around the waist to hold them up- but we reccomend the first option!

  • With a great outfit comes great responsibility! 

    • Hand wash with care.
    • Do not iron.
    • Do not tumble dry.